Marlene is a modern day Sage. Her insights into the human condition provides valuable feedback to anyone seeking resolution in matters of the heart, family and relationships. She is available for several types of tarot and numerology meetings, lectures, parties, and also teaches classes and workshops in many areas of metaphysics. She is also one of 100 people in the world who is trained as an A*L*L Game Discovery Leader Description. The A*L*L Discovery Game is for individuals who want to take their metaphysical investigations to another level. It is a portal for inner growth and personal unfolding on all levels - psychological, metaphysical, personal, professional etc. 

"Over the years I have found it very difficult to describe my readings. For one thing, they vary for each person, and of course, they have changed over the 45 years, as the community of clients have changed. I have always known from the beginning however, what they are not. I am not a fortune teller, I believe that conscious, responsible people shape their own destiny and future, or at the very least, how they choose to respond to life. My readings attempt to look at the patterns of one's life and examine and gain insight into, and perhaps change, those patterns when necessary. To look at the blocks that present us from making those necessary and healthy changes needed to live life with more meaning and offering suggestions and tools for that process." - Marlene

Marlene's Story

I have been reading and teaching professionally for over 45 years. During 14 of those years, I founded and owned Sunsight Books & Goodstuff, a learning center and very unique bookstore comprised of metaphysical books— the largest in the country, which closed in 1990. From then on, I continued reading and teaching in Uptown, Minnesota. I’m currently reading out of my home in Coon Rapids, which turned out to be a good transition.

Prior to the bookstore, I worked in social services areas on several Federal projects. After that, I trained Vista and Peace Corp workers in community organizing, who would be going to India to do family planning education in a consortium with Planned Parenthood. During this time I was raising two young boys, and going to college at night. Upon moving to Minneapolis, I again worked with 'troubled' youth in a Federal Crime Prevention program out of the YMCA. While there, I founded an independent Free School for high school kids who were not able to adapt to the public school system, and was accredited through the Minneapolis public schools called "Mind's Eye.” By then, I had begun studying Tarot formerly, and other disciplines including yoga, meditation, astrology, numerology, shamanism, and various healing modalities, many of which were taught in the school among academic studies. Next, I worked in another Federal Education Project with the Minneapolis public schools, and during this time, I went back to school at the University of Minnesota to finish my degree in Sociology and Adolescent Psychology. It was only after the death of my older son, that I made the switch to work on the more spiritual aspect of my life, and began working full-time as a reader and teacher, while starting my bookstore.


This is some of what I've done with my working life, but still may not answer the question of "Who Am I?"  With the recent election, I came up with some concrete answers, so I know where I stand in life. I stand for social justice and equality. I am a seeker of new knowledge. I am profoundly interested in the human condition. I am committed to the healing of the planet, protecting our natural resources, and most especially, protecting our precious animal world, human and otherwise. I know that nature is our greatest healer, and that we are now, more than ever, faced with the responsibility for our own life, which entails, eating healthy, being physically active, and most importantly, exploring our inner life. All of which gives us choices in life, and choices represent freedom, the freedom to lives our lives as fully and completely as we can.

To answer the question, “Who am I?" I would have to say my life is still a work in progress with more questions than answers. It is also important ask, ‘What does it mean to be human?’ ‘What is love?’ ‘What is a god or goddess?’ ‘Are we free?’ ‘What blocks us?’ I believe that in asking the right questions, we can get a hint as to how to proceed and hopefully keep creating the life we were born to live.