Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are a visual representation of personal thoughts, desire, conflicts and aspirations. It is my belief, that in a reading we contact our higher self. The cards communicate using symbols. They can help us untangle our day-to-day struggles as well as aid in stretching our spiritual selves by showing us all that's possible, while at the same time, attuning us to the stumbling blocks in our path to self understanding.

My belief is that my readings are an effective way of gaining access to information, feelings, and drives we already know at some level, but are not always able to bring into the conscious level.  Often what one needs to understand is how to look at their particular situations or conflicts from a more objective, holistic point of view. We often continue in familiar but sometimes harmful patterns, which the readings tend to illuminate, clarify, and help to change. We look at the blocks that have been set up as a consequence of these unconscious patterns, and discovering tools to allow us to move through them, or if needed, how to hold onto them in ways that are more constructive. Many clients have suggested that the readings opened new doors for them.

My agenda has always been to empower people, regardless of age. I aim to assist in the process of 'searching' not just for self-discovery, but for knowledge. I try to incorporate teaching, in whatever areas are lacking, as I see it, in a client's basic understanding of how the human world works and our relationships to the natural world. - Marlene


  • General Tarot Readings: $125, includes a 1 hour reading + numerology write-up.

  • Problem Solving Readings: $70, includes a 30-45 minute reading.

  • Karmic Readings: $150, includes a 1 hour reading + karmic numerology write-up.

  • Couple/Partnership Readings: $200, includes a 90-120 minute reading + comparison numerology write up.

*A general reading is required prior to the other readings.

Readings by appointment only. Please call or e-mail for appointment.

  • E-mail: marlenedelott@aol.com

  • Cell 763-218-3234

  • Office: 763-777-5399


"I have known Marlene for many years as a friend and seeker of growth and realized potential. I have great respect for her work and ability to support people through life transformations. She speaks from a place of honesty, clarity and truth with knowledge, wisdom and compassion. I have learned much from her and am grateful to have her in my life as I walk my path." - Joy Gordon

"Marlene brings a wealth of knowledge, from a wide variety of areas to her teachings. Her trainings are tailored to her student's areas of interest and she has a great mix of hands on experience, lesson time, and active engagement/discussion. It is a gift to have Marlene in my life and a joy to learn from her!" - Michele Seets

"Marlene, I would like to take a moment to thank you for our friendship. You have guided me and coached me along for many years. Through your spiritual guidance and allowing me to learn through the many classes I attended that you taught. You are a wise women with many gifts that you have always shared with the students. Some of the tough decisions that I have faced I feel as though you have prepared me to handle them. I am forever great full. Your friend for Life" - Melissa Chatham

"Marlene is a gifted reader, healer and teacher with an abundance of integrity. Working with her through the years changed my life. Through Marlene's readings, workshops and courses she has taught me to be more open and trusting of my own ability to use my intuition to help guide myself through the little daily decisions and the mega life changing decisions I make in my life. I live my life more authentically and focused on the important things that create less suffering and more happiness because of her sage guidance and teachings. She is so very clear and it comes from the heart as she guides her clients with her wise woman's understanding of the world we live in. I am eternally grateful for what she has done for me and what she is doing for so many. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to connect with Self and Spirit, to anyone who wants to expand their own intuitive learning and enhance their life's journey. Marlene you are completely and entirely one of the most truthful, loving, wise sages I have had the good fortune to study with and to be guided by, I call you Mother with all my heart." - Diana Guire, PhD.

Marlene recently met with a client she hadn't seen in l0 years, this woman had been on a journey of self discovery around the country. When she first met her she was a typical suburban housewife with three kids and a big beautiful house, a nice husband etc., but still 'searching.' But what she said to Marlene at lunch was probably the most profound compliment she's received in the 45 years of reading. "You were the first person to really see me." Marlene realized at that moment with some deep sadness how that is missing in so many people's lives and how comforting, transforming and important that can be.